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Title of Article Author/s
Changing Geography of Pune urban Area S. B. Nalavade
Pune urban wilderness : A case for urban biodiversity assessment. S. B. Nalavade, A. D. Padhye and G. Utkarsh
Fungal genera distribution across Pune city P. Y. Lamrood and J. G. Vaidya
Herb diversity of habitats of Pune city Anagha Ranade
Tree Diversity of Pune city: cosmetic increase? Ankur Patwardhan
Aquatic insects and molluscs of Pune city R. Raut, S. Desai and R. Bapat
Ant genera distribution across habitats of Pune city T. Pachpor, Y. Ghodake and A. Padhye
Butterfly diversity of Pune city along the human impact gradient Krushnamegh Kunte
Fresh water fish decline of Pune urban area S. S. Kharat and N. Dahanukar
Amphibian species decline in Pune city A. D. padhye and M. Mahabaleshwarkar
Reptiles of Pune urban area: Increase or decline? Sanjay Thakur and Vivek Gour-Broome
Bird diversity changes of Pune urban area S. Ingalhallikar, R. Purandare, S. B. Nalavade and S. Dhole
Bat fauna of Pune city K. D. Yardi and V. S. Korad
Retreating wild mammals of Pune urban area

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